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Linking Form Submissions To Journeys For Automatic Follow Up
Linking Form Submissions To Journeys For Automatic Follow Up
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Linking your Form submissions to Journeys allows you to have automated follow ups for contacts.

NOTE: If you're doing a Forms integration to a coded form on your website (vs a form built in GlassHive), the form set up part of this process will be found here "Forms integration". The steps in this article after the form is created with a linked list are the same.

  • To begin select the "Marketing" tab > "Landing Pages" > "Forms"

  • From here select a form that is associated with a landing page that you would like to automate a follow up for. Hover over the Form and from the dropdown select "Edit".

  • Clicking edit will open up the Form settings, scroll to the bottom of the setting where it says "Add Form Submission to a list" select the dropdown and select a list you would like all of the submission to be placed into. Once completed click "Save" this will bring you to the form builder and you can click "Save and Finish" to complete this process.

  • Now that the Form submission is complete we can begin the automation select "Automation" from the Nav bar, from there select "Journeys".

  • From here you can either use a pre-created journey or create one from scratch. For demonstration purpose we will create one from scratch by selecting "Create a Journey". This will open up your journey settings, allowing you to name the journey, add a list to the journey, and categorize it. This step is important because you want to select the same list that contacts are going to be placed in once they have submitted a form.

  • Once completed this will open up the journey designer. This is the area where you can create the automated follow up to a form submission.

  • This journey is setup so whenever a Form is submitted the contact will be placed into a follow up list which is tied to this journey. From there they will automatically be sent an email which the user can customize to fit the specifics of the Form they filled. In this case the journey is also assigning the contact to a sales person as well as creating a task for the sales person to follow up with the form submission.

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