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Adding a Contact

How to add a Contact in GlassHive.

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When adding a new contact into GlassHive you can either choose to add a contact with their email or without.(*Note* if a contact does not have an email you will not be able add them to any email marketing). When adding contacts that have an email GlassHive will automatically scrub for the contact's information. Once the contacts information is added into the system either by the user or the scrubbing feature, you will also have to option to link the contact to a company that already exists or create a new company. Once you complete that step, you will be able to add the contact into a list or lists.

1. Click on "Contacts"

2. Click on "Add New Contact"

3. Input contacts email address. Click on "Scrub"

4. Verify contact information. Link contact to existing company or create a new company. Click on "Next"

4.5 If you don't already have a company created, you can add their company website or enter their business details manually by clicking "Add a Company"

5. Select the list(s) you want your contact to be a part of. Click on "Submit"

6. As soon as the contact gets added you will see this pop-up message

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