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Adding Forms To A Landing Page
Adding Forms To A Landing Page

How do I add a Form to a Landing Page

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This article shows you how to add GlassHive Forms to GlassHive Landing Pages. To add a GlassHive Form to a webpage that is not a GlassHive Landing Page, please see the article, Use iframes to put GlassHive Forms on your website.

Setting up your Form

  • From the Marketing Tab, Click on "Landing Pages" then select "Forms"

  • From here you'll want to click "Add New Form"

  • Once inside of the Form builder you can customize fields such as the Form name, description, what happens when a form is filled out and who gets notified, as well as any lists the contact can be added to once the Form is submitted.

  • Now once inside the form editor you can choose from a plethora of fields to customize your Form.

  • After the Form is completed you'll want to add it to your landing page now. To do that go to "Marketing" - "Landing Pages" - "Overview"

  • From here you can select a landing page to add the Form to.

  • Once inside of the Landing Page editor drag a form element onto the the builder.

  • From there you can select the form you just created

  • Now that the Form is on the page make sure to save your progress by clicking "Publish Now" or "Publish"

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