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Use iFrames to put GlassHive Forms on your website
Use iFrames to put GlassHive Forms on your website

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While we don't currently have the capability to directly embed a GlassHive form on your website, there is a tool that you can leverage to get a similar result called an iframe, or "inline frame".
The way you would implement this is to add an iframe into your existing HTML. This would allow you to add a GlassHive form into your page and give it the look and feel of being embedded.
Below is a video from one of our clients using a real-life example as they set up an iframe!

An inline frame (iframe) is a HTML element that loads another HTML page within the document. It essentially puts another webpage within the parent page. They are commonly used for interactive content, embedded videos, and web analytics.(ref: TechTarget)


This method is a workaround for our users. In the future, GlassHive plans to give users the ability to embed forms in the more traditional way of providing a snippet of code.

Since using iframes is a current workaround and not a core functionality that GlassHive currently provides, we do not provide technical support for this.

Once the capability to directly embed GlassHive forms becomes available, our technical team will be available for higher-involvement support.

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