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Tips for Collateral Builds
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⚠️ Update Collateral Build Branding before using the "Shared Builds" and "Included with Subscription". This will ensure that all your branding gets updated when you add those builds to your " My Builds" or to "My Collateral".

To learn more about "Branding Collateral" click here:

*Tip : Add your company logo to a new build.

Click on the "Company Logo" button and place it on your collateral

*Tip : Use the auto branding feature, "Company Details" to import your information.

  1. Start by clicking on the "Text" button

  2. At the top of the text tool bar, click on the "Company Details" button

  3. You can select what information you would like to display on your document such as "Company Website".

*Tip: Add links to your text or images.

  1. Start by highlighting your text. Then click on the "Insert Link" button on the toolbar.

  2. Add your company URL, then click "Insert"

  3. To add a link to your "Company Logo", click the "Company Logo" image and insert the URL link.

*Tip: Create master pages in your document.

  1. Start by clicking on the "Master Page" tab

  2. In the Elements tab, you can add your "Company Logo"

  3. To add page numbers, click on the "Pagination" button

  4. You can customize the page numbers in the "Pagination Settings"

*Tip: Adding buttons to your document.

  1. Click on "Button" in the Elements tab.

  2. Customize your button by adding text and inserting a URL.

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