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Calendar use and features

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The calendar will help you view all the campaigns that have been scheduled. You can also keep track of all past and future campaigns on a monthly basis. You could also create a new campaign directly from the calendar page.

  • Click on "Calendar" under the Marketing Dashboard

  • Select to see all scheduled campaigns or from specific marketing plans

  • To create a new campaign, Hover over a date and Click on the '+' sign

  • Select the type of campaign you want to send out as well as the type of testing. Click on "Next"

  • In this step you will need to create a name for your campaign, the subject line for your email, input the sender information, select lists you want to send the campaign to, and build your campaign from scratch or choose a template to work from . Once all the fields are completed, click on "Save and Continue"

  • Compose your email then Review and click on "Save & Continue"

  • You can send the campaign out "Now" or "Schedule" for a later day/time. Click on "Schedule" to finalize

  • Click on the campaign name in the calendar to make edits

  • To view Click through rates and opens of all the campaigns that have been already sent, click on a previously sent email

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