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Importance of Assigning Qualified Leads
Importance of Assigning Qualified Leads

When do I assign leads?

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It is important to assign all leads to either a Salesperson or a Sales Admin. By assigning Leads, you will be able to identify which leads are being followed up with and which ones have not been touched. 

When do I Assign Leads? 

You will generate new leads every time you send out a campaign as long as your Lists are toggled ON for Leads. 

You will be able to assign these new leads after each successful campaign has been sent out 

1 . Click on "Leads" under the Sales tab.

2. Click on the box to open Bulk Actions menu, then Click on all the leads you are trying to assign a salesperson to and Select " More Actions" .

3. Pick the salesperson you want to assign the new leads to under the "Assign to:" section from the drop-down menu

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