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Bulk Actions For Contacts

How do I send a Bulk Email ? How do I Merge Duplicates? How do I Assign, Change Status, or Move contacts to a different list ?

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Bulk actions allow users to perform actions in mass instead of individually executing actions. These actions include: Bulk Emailing, Merging Contacts, Exporting Contacts, Deleting Contacts, Assigning Contacts, Marking Contact Status, Adding Contacts to a List, and finally Moving Contacts From Lists.

  • To preform any bulk action, start by accessing a contact table

  • Select several or all the contacts in the table. You will be able to Email, Export, Merge, Delete, and More Actions for more bulk actions. More Actions includes: assigning contacts, adding contacts to a new list, and moving contacts to new list.

Bulk Emails:

  • To send a Bulk Email, Click on the "Email" icon. Click the button below to learn more about bulk emails.

  • Once the contacts you would like to send a bulk email to are selected. You can create an email from scratch or utilize a premade template. You will also have the ability to determine when the email is sent by selecting "Schedule" or if you would like it to go our immediately select "Send"

Merging Contacts

  • To merge contacts select the two contacts you would like to merge then click merge. Generally you want to merge contacts that are duplicates to keep your database free of duplicate information and potential error.

  • Once merge is selected you can decide what attributes of the contacts you would like to keep. Completing of the merge will eliminate the extra contact.

Exporting Contacts

  • To export a list of contacts select the designated contacts then select "Export". This will export the designated contacts into a CSV file.

Deleting Contacts

  • To bulk delete contact select the contacts you would like to delete then select "Delete"

  • After confirming the deletion of those contacts they will no longer exist. NOTE: All information associated with the selected contacts will be deleted. Including opportunities, activities, messages, tasks. You can not undo this action.

Assigning Contacts

  • To bulk assign a group of contacts to a sales person select the desired contacts, click "More Actions" > "Assign To" > finally select the desired salesperson.

Assigning Contact Statuses

  • To bulk assign Contact Statuses to a group of contacts select the desired contacts select "More Actions" > "Mark As" > then select your desired contact status.

Adding Contacts To A List

  • To add a group of contacts to a list select the desired contact select "More Actions" > "Add To" > then select the list you would like to add the contacts to.

Moving Contacts From a List to Another List

  • To remove a contact or multiple contacts from a list begin by entering the list you would like to remove the contacts from and select the contacts.

  • Next select "More Actions"

  • Then select "Move To" and select the desired destination of the contacts. This will remove the contacts from the list they are currently in and into another list of your choosing

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