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How Branding works
How Branding works
Setup auto-branding. Brand your marketing materials.
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Keep your brand consistent by setting up your branding options for email and collateral. When you update your branding, all your emails, landing pages, and collateral builds will update automatically.

In GlassHive there are 2 types of branding, branding for your GlassHive account and branding for your emails, collateral, and landing pages.

GlassHive Account & Notification Branding

This branding is only for your account in GlassHive.

To access and set up your GlassHive account branding click on your profile picture > Admin

Click on Company > Branding

When you update the logo and email header it will update the image in the top left to your company and also your emails from GlassHive will be branded with your company's logo.

Marketing Material Branding

To access and set up your branding click on your profile picture > Admin

Click on Customizations > Branding

Types of branding

Keep consistency in branding by modifying the color schemes, logo, and footers to apply to your email, landing page, and collateral templates.


Customize the fit and finish of your email templates. Set up your email templates to automatically add your company's colors and logo to all templated emails.

Landing Pages

Add your company's brand and identity into your landing pages so you can easily maintain consistency!

Set your

  • Logo

  • Headings

  • Background color

  • Body text

  • Button style

  • Link colors

  • Bullet & numbers


You can customize your collateral builds to include your company logo and colors so each generated PDF consistently reflects your brand and promise. Learn how by checking out our article on Branding Collateral.

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