What is Spam Email?

Spam is a type of email that was not granted verifiable permission by the recipient. It is also referred as "Unsolicited Bulk Email".

How can Spam Email be prevented and avoided?

  1. Only send emails to recipients that have signed-up for your marketing emails.

  2. To ensure that your new subscribers receive all future emails, make sure to send a welcome email that includes a reminder to add your domain to their address book and to their "Safe sender" list.

  3. You could also increase your open rate by personalizing your subject line with the recipients name

  4. Only send emails from a company domain and avoid using personal email providers such as yahoo, gmail, etc

  5. Add your domain to postmaster https://support.google.com/mail/answer/188131?p=UnsolicitedMessageError&visit_id=637340711220125071-1728520428&rd=1

  6. Setup your DKIM integration http://help.honeycrm.com/en/articles/2477372-dkim

  7. Avoid using spam words in your emails. Examples of spam word include :


Earn extra cash

Email marketing

Eliminate debt


Fast cash


Increase sales

Incredible deal

Info you requested

Limited time offer

No investment



Order Now

100% free

Act Now



Amazing Stuff

Apply now

Auto email removal


Cash bouns


Compare rates

Compete for you business


8. Make sure your company domain isn't blacklisted on a regular basis. https://mxtoolbox.com/

9. Check your email spam score before sending https://spamcheck.postmarkapp.com

10. Setup DMARC in your DNS account

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