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Using Library files in Campaigns
Using Library files in Campaigns
Add files from your library straight to your campaigns
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Adding Library files in a Campaign has never been easier! By accessing your Library directly from the Campaign and linking your files to either the images, text or buttons. Linking the files will not be visible on the actual campaign, but when you click on the links the files will open on a new page. Follow these steps in order to add files:

  1. On the right side panel when you select a button or image there will be a section where you can provide a link to be applied to the selection. At the bottom of that there will be a button called "Choose from Library" from there you can access your entire library and selecting a file from there automatically links the file.

2. On the campaign that you are currently working on. Add a link to a button on your campaign or link your chosen file from library.

3. If choosing from the library hovering over the file you wish to select two options appear "select" and "preview". Clicking on "select" will select the file, followed by clicking "add" at the bottom corner will link the file. These steps can be performed for linking images as well.


Add the link to text by selecting the text. Then click on the Link icon (shortcut: ctrl+K) to add the file link. Click on "insert" once you are ready to link the text. 

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