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GlassHive's REST API provides the tools and data needed for you to create your own integrations in whatever fashion you'd like.


Our API employs a REST model leveraging JSON requests and responses.

Create an API Key:

The GlassHive API leverages API keys you generate through your account settings. Please go to your account settings and generate a new API key. When making an API call, please add the following header:

Authorization: <API Key>

API Rate Limits:

We allow 10 requests per second when calling our API. If you go over this limit, a 429 status code will get returned until the limit is reset. Continually going over this limit aggressively could cause your account to be disabled. Place rate limiting strategies in your integration to account for this.

API Setup Documentation:

Follow this link in order to learn more about the capabilities of our API as well as setup documentation: GlassHive API Setup

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