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Creating Views For Lists
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How to use views to efficiently manage your lists in GlassHive. Views allow the user to pick and choose what information they would like to see based on a particular criteria. For lists this becomes especially crucial when you have dozens of lists inside of your account and you don't want to search through all of the lists to find one specific one your looking for.

  • To create a view select the "Contacts" tab > "Lists" > then "Lists" once more.

  • Once inside your Lists dashboard select "Add View"

  • This will open up the View creator, from here you can customize what lists you would like to see inside of this particular view by creating filters. These filters allow you to filter out lists if they do not meet certain criteria, only showing you lists that meet said criteria. You can also customize the columns that are shown to allow you to see only information that is useful to you.

    Pro Tip: Use keywords in list names for lists that are relevant to each other, and then use the filter "Name" from the first drop down, "Contains" from the second drop down, and then type in the keyword in the third field that appears. For example, let's say you want to have all your marketing lists in one View. You could use the keyword "marketing" (e.g. Clients - marketing list) in your list name and if you already have the filter set up to put any lists that contain the word "marketing" into one View, the list will automatically be moved to that View.

  • After the view is created you will see it at the top of your list dashboard. If the view is selected the filters will be applied and all lists that do not meet your criteria will be removed from the view.

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