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How To Change User Permissions/Role
How To Change User Permissions/Role
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Changing a users permissions/role changes the amount of visibility and access the user has to the account.

  • First thing you'll want to do is navigate to "Account" settings found in the bottom left the screen.

  • Next select on "Account Setting" > "Users".

  • You should be brought to a screen showing all the users in your account. From here hover over the designated user, select the dropdown menu to the left, and select "Edit".

  • You should now see the user's profile where you can edit their name, email, title, and in this case their role in the account. Scroll down on this page and you will see the "User Role" selections.

  • You can select one of the three roles: Admin, Marketer, or a Salesperson each of these comes with their own set of permissions and views.

Admin: An Admin can do anything in GlassHive. This includes viewing, creating, editing, and deleting practically any record in this account. The only limit is that since an Admin is not a Salesperson, they cannot be assigned Contacts.

Marketer: Marketers are limited to the view of Marketing. They will not be able to view Sales analytics.

Salesperson: Salespeople are limited to the view of Sales. They will not be able to view Marketing analytics.

  • A user can have multiple roles as seen above or limited to one depending on the amount of permission or accessibility the user needs within the account.

  • Finally once selecting the roles appropriate for the user select "Save" and the permissions will be applied to the user.

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