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Landing Page Builder & Creating Headers/Footers
Landing Page Builder & Creating Headers/Footers

How do I use the LP builder?

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Empower your marketing campaigns with Landing Pages to provide more information to your prospects and capture lead information.

Set up your Header & Footer

  • From the "Marketing" tab select "Landing Pages" then click on "Headers/Footers"

  • To Edit, Duplicate, or Delete your header or footer click on the drop down next to it.

  • To create a Footer/Header select either "Header" or "Footer" then "Create Header" or "Create Footer"

  • When creating your Header you have a preview to see your changes as you update the color scheme, text, text location, nav bar, and logo.

  • For the footer, it works the same way as the header but you also have the ability to add

  • Social media links

  • Terms of service

  • Privacy policy

  • Any other links like your copy right

Create your Landing Page

  • To create your first landing page, click on Marketing > Landing Pages > Overview

  • Click on "Create a Landing Page". A widget will pop up to enter your landing page settings.

  • Landing page name

  • Meta Title- this is the text that appears in your browsers tab

  • Favicon- this is the image that appears in the tab.

  • Select your domain

  • Content slug

  • Once you're finished, click on, "Next Step" in the bottom right corner.

  • Next, you will select your header and footer. Then click, "Next Step"

  • In the landing page builder, you can add sections based on your content using our drag and drop elements.

  • Once you've finished creating your landing page.

  • The save feature simply saves your landing page to come and edit.

  • The publish button makes your page live using the domain that you have selected.

NOTE: Once your landing page is live you do have the ability to edit it without changes showing until you choose to republish.

For guidance on creating a Form and adding it to your new Landing Page, check out the article Adding Forms To A Landing Page in our help center.

Or if you need help setting up your Landing Page Domain, check out the article

Landing Page Domain Setup in our help center.


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