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Merging companies

What happens when you merge companies in GlassHive?

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In GlassHive, you have the ability to merge companies and their contacts.

  1. Go to "Contacts"

  2. Click on "Companies"

  3. Select the companies that need to be merged and click "Merge"

  4. Select the company you want all data merged into and which company will be merged and deleted

  5. Choose the logo that should be used for the company

  6. Fill in additional company details then Click "Next Step".

  7. Finally, you will be prompted to merge these company profiles. Clicking "Merge" will merge company details, contacts, activities, and opportunities into the main company profile selected and will delete the other company profiles. *THIS ACTION CANNOT BE UNDONE*

    **Note: When merging companies, any duplicate contacts will still appear.

Why would you need to merge companies in the first place?

A user might want to merge companies if they added the same company multiple times. This normally occurs if the user does not have the same website for both companies or they forgot to input the companies website. GlassHive checks for websites to try and avoid duplicates during the upload process.

If this occurs, you can merge the companies so that all the contacts are under one company profile page and has the most accurate company information. This helps keep everything more organized since all the contacts will now be under the main company profile page. This is important when creating opportunities since you can see a summary of all the opportunities within the same company profile page instead of viewing them under different profiles.

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