Auto-Branding Email Campaigns

Setting up the auto branding feature for emails and email templates

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In order for your campaigns to be auto branded with your company logo and color scheme you need to set up the custom colors in your account settings. Your whole team will be able to see the changes in their own account. 

⚠️ Applying any changes after the initial setup will update anything that uses these branding options. This can include any emails that you may have scheduled.

⚠️ Only use 6 digit hex codes for colors instead of 3 digit hex codes. e.g. 3 digits - #000 is black, but 6 digits - #000000 is also black. Also, do not use the rgba format. For instance, instead of rgb(255,0,0) use #F00F00

1 . Click on "Account Settings"

2. Click on "Customization

3. Click on "Branding"

4. On the "Branding" page you will see three options to start customizing your brand. Under the Email section, Click "Customize Your Brand"

5. You can start by clicking "Update Logo" . The Max Recommended Size is 200x200 pixels.

6. In this section, you can begin customizing your branding colors. Remember to only use 6 digit hex codes.

7. If you scroll down you will see a text box where you can insert your brand name, address, phone number and a website link. Before sending out Plain Campaigns, it is important you fill this out.

8. After completing any changes, Click "Save"

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