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Formatting Campaigns

How to edit colors and add columns

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Only use 6 digit hex codes for colors instead of 3 digit hex codes. e.g. 3 digits - #000 is black, but 6 digits - #000000 is also black. Also, do not use the rgba format. For instance, instead of rgb(255,0,0) use #F00F00 . 

How can you check if you are using Hex codes?

  • Click on the "Setting Icon" located underneath the Preview button

  • Scroll down until your reach the section of colors. Make sure the button color, Link color, Button Text, Canvas BG, and Email BG are all using 6-digit Hex codes.


Follow the steps below to add columns to your campaign

  • Click on "Add Section" and select the section that has two columns. 

  • Add another section with two columns by clicking the "Duplicate" button until you have the following layout.

  • Drag Text into the "Drag content here" section . Repeat for all the sections.

  • Once you add the text inside each of the four text boxes, you could drag and drop the image icon above each text box.

  • Once you add your images to all four sections, you will need to drag and drop a  a spacer between the image and textbox to ensure that all the text is lined up. Adjust the width of the spacer by clicking on the purple size indicator and moving up to decrease width or down to increase width. 

You are Done! 

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