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List Management

How to handle List Management in GlassHive.

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List management is extremely important for Marketing strategy. Accurate, up-to-date Lists help give you a clear picture of the current status of both prospects and existing clients. You can also use Lists to analyze Marketing tactics and to improve future campaigns.

Here are a few of the most common questions about dealing with Lists.

How do I export a list?

  1. Contacts > Lists

  2. Click the drop down for next to the list you want to export, click Export.

Oops! I accidentally duplicated a List. What do I do?

Delete the List you don't want. As long as the Contacts exist in another List, the Contacts will not be deleted—only the List.

3. You can also merge list(s) using the drop down feature as well.

When I click toggle the On button next to a List to mark it as a Leads List, how do I make sure all my other Contacts will still receive my marketing?

Marking a List as a Leads List does not determine which Campaigns that List will receive. It only determines what Contacts you consider to be prospects.

Also, if you have one of Marketing Integrations (like Campaign Monitor) set up, your lists will remain in sync with that tool. 

When I click the check mark next to a List to mark it as a Leads List, when do the Contacts get updated?


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