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Customize your GlassHive Account
Customize your GlassHive Account
Set status and verticals. Edit custom fields.
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In GlassHive there are many customization factors to help improve your workflow all while making marketing and sales, fun and easy.

To access these features, click Profile Picture > Admin > Customizations

  • Account Email Signature

    The account email signature is used for your plain text campaigns. Rather than sending an email with your signature, set up a general signature for the account.

  • Branding Options -- email, landing pages, collateral

    Maintain consistent branding by setting your branding options for email, landing pages, and collateral. When you update your branding, all your emails, landing page, and collateral builds will update automatically.

  • Company Type

    Define who this client is to you.

  • Contact Statuses

    Define what stage of the sales process contacts are in.

  • Opportunity Types

    Define the different types of services you are selling.

  • Opportunity Statuses

    Define the different stages of an opportunity.

  • Verticals

    Define the verticals (industries) that companies are in.

  • Collateral Categories

    Define what categories different Collaterals (content, media, etc.) belong to.

  • Journey Categories

    Add Journey categories to your account to organize your journeys for quick access.

  • Custom Contact & Company Fields'

    Custom fields can make your marketing campaign more efficient in gathering important information from your leads

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