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How to use the PSA integration as a salesperson.
How to use the PSA integration as a salesperson.

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  • Use GlassHive’s PSA integrations to manually sync your contacts and companies' information, activities, and opportunities from GlassHive to your PSA.

  • Simply click on the PSA integration button on the company or contact page.

  • Having the option to send over information when you're ready allows you to keep your Work OS up to date while using your PSA as a backend when you're ready to close your deals. This keeps both systems from being clogged with too much information so that you can focus on sales and marketing.

Company Page

  • Click on which PSA you want to send information to, currently we offer ConnectWise, AutoTask, Salesforce, Kaseya, Syncro, and Halo.

  • You have the option to send all records to update your PSA, then click ‘Next Step’.

  • Within seconds, your PSA will be updated with the information you sent over. Be sure that your mappings are set up correctly.

Contact Profile

  • Click on the PSA you want to send your contact’s profile information, activities and opportunities.

  • Once finished, click “Send to …

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