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How To Create A Marketing Plan
How To Create A Marketing Plan
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Plan out your marketing plans by using templates. This will allow you to build out a chain of emails ahead of time. Whether it be by quarter or by topic, using a marketing plan makes the scheduling of multiple campaigns much more manageable.

  1. Click on the "Automation" icon

2. Click on "Marketing Plans"

3. Click on "Create a Marketing Plan" button

4. Create a Name and Description that will help you and your team identify the type of email collections this Marketing Plan will contain. You can also select a color to identify the campaign, add the sender and email the campaign will come from, and choose a list to send the campaign to.

5. Before you start building the collection of campaigns, decide if you want the emails to be sent once a week, once a month, etc. Hover your mouse on the order number that you want to start creating your first template for. Select the month and date you want your campaign to start on. Click on the plus sign

6. Build your first campaign for your Marketing Plan template

7. Repeat step 5-6 to build the rest of your Marketing Plan template. Then click on the name of the campaign to preview, edit, or delete

8. Once you are ready to use your marketing plan template, click on "Options" and make your selection

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