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How to create Journeys
How to create Journeys
How do I create marketing automations? How do I create sales automations?
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An automated customer journey is an automated workflow of emails that can make a marketer or salesperson's life easier. Build them to manage customer loyalty, increase engagement, and build long-term relationships.

Get Started

1. Click on "Create a Journey" under the Automation module

2. Create a name for your Journey, select list(s) you want to send your automated emails to and add a category. Click on "Save" to go to the next step.

3. Click on the plus symbol to start building your journey. 

4. Start by adding a Delay, Email, Condition, Contact Update, or Task

5. Use delay to indicate when to send the email to subscriber. Click on edit icon to set a day. It's important that a delay is added before an email or condition

6. Use email to select the type of email that will be sent to subscriber. Click on the edit icon to create the email

7. Use conditions to send emails to subscribers based on their actions. Click on the edit icon to add a condition

8. Use contact update to change a contact's status, click on the edit icon to choose the type of update

9. Use task to assign a task to a person, click on the edit icon to add a task and assign it to a user.

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