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What happens when a contact unsubscribes
What happens when a contact unsubscribes
Where are contacts that unsubscribe?
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When a contact unsubscribes, they will automatically be removed from the list(s) they are a part of. They will also be labeled as unsubscribed under their activities. GlassHive will not send a campaign to any contact that has unsubscribed or has hard bounces and is part of a marketing list.  

In order to view all your unsubscribes and hard bounces, you can do the following:

1 . Click on  "Contacts" , then click on "Lists"

2. Click on "Unsubscribed

3. Here you can view and arrange the contacts who have unsubscribed.

4. If you click on the contact, you will be able to see their activities and whether the lead is hot or cold. This contact is unsubscribed from your lists so you will not be able to send campaigns to this person.

Contact's table

You can also see if contacts are subscribed or unsubscribed in your contacts table.

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