Marketing Plan Template for Vendors

How can I create a Marketing Plan Template for my clients?

Written by Eira Rodriguez
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Help your clients plan out their marketing plans by creating templates for them. This will allow them to build out a chain of emails ahead of time.

Whether it be by quarter or by topic, using a marketing plan makes the scheduling of multiple campaigns much more manageable.

  1. Go to Partner Resources

2. Select Marketing Plans, and then Create template

3. Add a name for your Marketing Plan Template and, if desired, a brief description. Click on Next Step to continue.

4. You will be taken to the Marketing Plan Template builder. This is not an individual monthly calendar, it is the number of days your campaign will run for. Start on day 1.

Chose a day to add an email campaign. Select from Non-Graphical Email, Graphical Email and, if you would like to do Regular Email testing, or A/B Email testing. Click Next to continue.

5. Name your campaign, add a subject line or two if A/B testing subject lines, and decide if you would like to make the email from scratch or use from a template.

6. When you're finished building your email you will be prompted to set a time for the email to be sent out. Once done click on Save & Continue to go to the next step.

7. Verify that all the information is correct and click on Save & Close to return to the Marketing Plan

8. Repeat steps 4-7 to add as many email campaigns as you want. When you're done click on Save & Exit. You can always come back later and add or remove campaigns.

9. Your new Marketing Plan Template will now be under Unpublished

10. When you're ready for your clients to use the Marketing Plan Template click on Auto Publish. This action will make the template live for all your clients.

11. Your Marketing Plan Template will now be under Published to Clients. You can edit the Marketing Plan Template, add or remove clients, duplicate, and delete the Marketing Plan Template by clicking on Options.

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