What is a Collateral Library in GlassHive?

The collateral library is where the collateral you've uploaded and created lives. This saves your team time and effort by knowing all the content they need is in one place. It's easy to find collateral by searching for a title, file format, tag or date created.

Why is the Collateral Library important? 

  1. To ensure that the whole sales team has easy access to the same information when sending emails.

  2.  It provides analytics on how well those marketing pieces are doing in order to help you generate more leads. 

IMPORTANT: DO NOT use a space for your files name, instead use a  "-"  or " _ "

How do I set up my Collateral Library?

1.Click on the Marketing Collateral icon

2. Click on "Add Collateral"

3. Choose a file to upload or add a link

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