Qualified Leads are prospects in your contact lists that have taken action from your email campaigns and the following is true:

  • The contact has been assigned to a salesperson

  • The contact has a lead score greater than 0

Why do I have less leads now?

  1. Make sure that the List(s) that contain your leads are selected 

  2. Make sure your List(s) haven't been deleted

  3. Make sure that List(s) selected have contacts

Why don't I see any Qualified Leads?

1 . You currently don't have any of your Lists checked off as leads.

2. Your administrator hasn't completed the GlassHive Forms integration and/or Email Marketing Integration

Why is the List marked as Leads not showing on my Qualified Lead Page?

The Leads Page shows all of your contacts that are a part of a Lead's list. Qualified Leads are contacts that have clicked through campaigns, submitted a form, or you provided a lead score for that contact.

In order to access Qualified Leads, be sure to assign a leads to a Salesperson from the Leads table.

Will my clients be shown as leads if they click through the campaigns?

Leads that click through campaigns are considered Qualified Leads. You will be able to see their activity if they have taken action on any of your campaigns such as newsletters or communication alerts that you are sending through the marketing dashboard.

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