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Customize your collateral builds to include your unique brand.
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You can customize your collateral builds to include your company logo and colors so each generated PDF consistently reflects your brand and promise.

Your whole team will be able to see the changes in their own account.

IMPORTANT : Only use 6 digit hex codes for colors instead of 3 digit hex codes. e.g. 3 digits - #000 is black, but 6 digits - #000000 is also black. Also, do not use the rgba format. For instance, instead of rgb (255,0,0) use #F00F00

To learn more about how to start building your own documents click here:

To begin using the auto brand feature start by,

  1. Clicking on "Admin"

    2. Click on "Customization"

3. Under the "Customizations" tab, Click on "Branding"

4. On the "Branding" page you will see two options to start customizing your brand. Under the "Collaterals" section, Click "Customize Your Brand"

5. You can begin by uploading your logo in the top of this section. It is best to have a dark and light version of your logo. If you scroll below, you can insert your brand colors by using only 6 digit hex codes.

6. If you scroll down more, you can begin to customize the font colors for body text, headings, pagination and links.

7. In the "button style" section, you can customize buttons by changing the font color, button color, stroke and border.

8. If you scroll all the way to the bottom of the tab, you will see the "Company Details" section where you can input all of your business information. It is important that you fill all of this correctly to ensure auto branding works in your collateral builds.

9. After updating your branding, Click "Save & Continue"

Please note: When adding a new collateral build to your account, the default settings in the collateral builder will automatically import the information that was added to the "Customize Your Brand" settings.

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