When you send out emails, GlassHive will create URL redirects for any links in your email so we can capture any clicks that may come through. Because of this, https://google.com may appear as https://link.glasshive-mail.com/click/ABC123.

Link branding allows your links to instead use your domain (abctech.com) for redirects. For example, https://google.com will instead appear as https://link.abctech.com/click/ABC123.

We highly recommend you use some form of link branding for your account. You'll increase deliverability with your email communication as well as brand any links you may use in your messaging. This step will give confidence to your recipients that the links they click are safe.

How to set it up

1. Click on your profile picture in the bottom left click on "Admin"

2. Click on "Email Auth"

3. Click "Add Branding" under the Link Branding section

4. Choose the domain and subdomain that you'd like to use for your branding, then click "Next"

5. Click Validate to confirm you added the records correctly. It may take a few minutes for your DNS changes to propagate.

6. Done!

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