If you have ended up here that likely means you are participating in a Vendor Marketing Program. Congratulations!
This article contains everything you need to get started.

Step 1 - Schedule Onboarding Meeting (30 - 45 mins)
Book a meeting with your corresponding Client Experience Manager. Info below.

Andrew Crespo-Roman:

(StorageCraft, Lenovo, Citrix and Brother partners)
Email -
Phone - 469-250-2865
Schedule a meeting:

Mo Guerrero:
(Apple, Cisco, Fortinet, RSA, Red Hat, Verizon and Veeam partners)
Email -

Phone - 469-250-2864

Schedule a meeting:

Step 2 - Fill Out Questionnaire (15 - 30 mins)
Please pick the corresponding questionnaire from below based on which vendor is sponsoring this campaign for your company. If you have already filled out one of the questionnaires in the past, you likely don't have to fill one out again. Please check with you Client Experience Manager to confirm.

Apple Partners:

Brother Partners:
Citrix Partners:

Cisco Partners:
Fortinet Partners:
IBM Partners:
Lenovo Partners:
RSA Partners:
Red Hat Partners:
StorageCraft Partners:
Veeam Partners:
Verizon Partners:

Step 3 - GlassHive Set Up (30 mins - 1 hour)
By now, you may have already received an invitation to your GlassHive account. If you have not, please reach out to your corresponding Client Experience Manager (their info at the top of this page) and they will get you set up in no time.

You must have Admin login credentials for all platforms you want to integrate with GlassHive

GlassHive has the capability for many different integrations but the only one required is the DKIM integration. Although, we do ask for and highly encourage you to do the Office365 (Or any other email provider) integration


The DomiainKeys Identified Mail functionality provides an email authentication method to help ensure that a message is not modified while it is in transit and the receiver will still know that the email is coming from you. Watch the following video on how the DKIM Integration works.

DKIM Integration:


Office 365 integration automatically adds Email Activity as Users with a Sales Role send messages to Contacts. This is done by creating a journaling rule to copy emails to a special integration email address we'll create for you.

As email start flowing to your personal GlassHive Apps email address, we'll filter out any messages between Contacts and Salespeople. Those will be converted to Email Activities in GlassHive.

Office365 Integration:

Gmail Integration (Must have Google Enterprise, works the same as described above):

Also, please take care of the following for your personal GlassHive profile and for anyone else that will be a user in GlassHive within your organization.

Signature Block set up:

Profile Photo and Profile Information set up:

The rest of the tools GlassHive Integrates with depend on if you use them or not and are optional. Here is a list of all the tools GlassHive integrates with:

We are always here to help

If you need assistance with anything related to your partner marketing program, we are here to walk you through every step of the way. Please don't hesitate to reach out to your corresponding Client Experience Manager. Their information is at the top of this page.

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