These tours will guide you step-by-step while you are in your GlassHive account! Follow these steps so that you have a fast and easy onboarding experience.

Step 1

Set up your Teams Monthly Sales and Marketing Quota.

Step 2

Invite your team!

Step 3

Create a List!

Step 4

Start adding a contact.

Step 5

Upload a list of contacts.

Step 6

Office 365 Integration.

Step 7

DKIM Integration.

Step 8

Run your PSA ( If applicable)

8a. ConnectWise Integration.

8b. AutoTask Integration

Step 10

Branding Campaign Templates.

Step 11

Add collateral to your Library.

Step 12

Create an email Template.

Step 13

Create a Campaign Template.

Step 14

Send out your first campaign.

Step 15

Assign Leads!

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