What is SPF?

Sender Policy Framework (SPF) is an email authentication standard that compares the email sender’s actual IP address to a list of IP addresses authorized to send mail from that domain. The IP list is published in the domain’s DNS record.

Why it's important.

Email authentication helps ensure that your emails aren't delayed on the behalf of your domain. Implementing it has major benefits:

  • Protects your brand reputation by fighting domain impersonation and email spoofing

  • Increases email deliverability and domain reputation

How does it work?

The SPF process uses your domain to identify the SPF record. In other words, each time you send off an email, the receiving server checks to see if the sender is on the domain's list of allowed senders. Setting up your SPF provides additional trust signal to IP addresses so you increase the likelihood that your email reaches your recipient's inbox.

Do I need to setup this up for GlassHive?

When you set up domain authentication, SPF is automatically set up for you.

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