1 . On the lower left hand corner click on the Profile Icon, then Select "Admin"

2. Once you are in your Profile, select "Update Info".  

3. Select the "Camera Icon" if you want to add a picture or change a picture that is currently being used for the account.

4. Update Name, Title, Email, Phone, or LinkedIn account. Once changes have been made Click on "Save".

5. To update a password, Enter current password in the " Old password" section . Then create a new password that satisfies all the requirements. Enter your new password in the "New Password" section and in the " Confirm Password" section. Click on "Save Changes" to update.   

If I terminate an employee, how can I keep all the records without deleting the Profile? 

You're able to disable a contact by hovering over their name and clicking the lock icon, "Disable." You'll still be able to view their profile details and can enable the user again if needed.

Log into your GlassHive as Super Admin and create a new secure password.  
You can reassign all the leads to the new salesperson.
All historical information from the terminated employee will remain in GlassHive so that the new salesperson can easily take over the account.

Note: Monthly Fee will still apply to the account. 

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