Where do our emails get stored?

They get stored on a Google email server until our integration parses it. That occurs every 10 minutes. Afterwards, the emails parsed are deleted from the server.

What do we set for our Journal rules?
Our recommendation to make it easy for you is the following:

*If the message is sent to or received from...
[Apply to all messages]

*Journal the following messages...
External messages only

However, you could create a group for the accounts you would like to journal.

I don't want GlassHive to see all emails for my company. How do I limit this?
On the field labeled *If the message is sent to or received from..., instead choose a group that you'd like to journal emails from. A good consideration is if you have a Sales group.

How long does it take for emails to appear in GlassHive?

Our email processor runs every minute per 100 emails per client. Whenever it exceeds that amount of emails, it will take longer for the emails to appear in GlassHive. If you still do not see emails syncing into GlassHive after 24 hours, please reach out through our live chat or at

Why am I getting these "Undeliverable" emails?
Don't worry! These are natural with journaling. When you set up your journaling in Office 365, you have to set a recipient for undeliverable journal reports. You have probably set yourself as the recipient. Our recommendation is to set the recipient to an email that none of your staff use. 

For more technical information, these emails are typically due to SPF validation failing from 3rd party emails (marketing emails from Twitter as an example). There is no way to prevent this from occurring.


Office 365 integration automatically adds Email Activity as Users with a Sales Role send messages to Contacts. This is done by creating a journaling rule to copy emails to a special integration email address we'll create for you.

As email start flowing to your personal GlassHive Apps email address, we'll filter out any messages between Contacts and Salespeople. Those will be converted to Email Activities in GlassHive.

Afterwards, all emails in your personal GlassHive Apps inbox are deleted.

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