What is a lead?

A Contact is considered a lead if : 

  • The Contact has a lead score greater than 0 (The score will automatically get updated when prospects click through links from an email sent from GlassHive)

  • The Contact is assigned to a marketable list

  • The Contact has not unsubscribed¬†

What is "My Lead"?

My Leads are all the Leads that are assigned to you!

Why don't I see any Leads?

If you are not seeing any Leads, one or more of the following things is true.

1. None of your current Lists are marked as Lead Lists. Turn the knob "ON" for all the lists that contain prospects.

2. Your Administrator hasn't completed the GlassHive Forms integration

3. The contact has not performed any call to action on any of the campaigns by clicking on a link.

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