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How to manage your Contacts in GlassHive.
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Managing your ever-growing list of Contacts can be daunting. So daunting that new CRMs are developed every year to make contact management easier. That's because contact management is essential. You need it to keep your daily workflow clean and maintain your own sanity.

Here are some common questions our users have asked.

Why are my Contacts assigned to the wrong Company?

GlassHive's Automated Market Research scrubs your Contacts and Companies by scouring the web for information. Our robots are almost always right, but sometimes they beep-boop-beep their way to the wrong conclusion. We never overwrite information included when importing a list, but the additional information added for your convenience is occasionally off.

Why does my Contact have no name?

If there's no name in the list you imported and the Automated Market Research fails to find the Contact's name, the Contact record won't have a name, either.

How do I tag a Contact as an existing customer?

Contacts have a Status field. One of the options there is Existing Client. Go to the Contact's profile page to update it. See Status

How do I Assign Contacts?

Hover over a Contact in the Contact table and click on the "Edit" button. Therein you'll have the ability to assign the Contact to a Sales Rep or edit any additional information.

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